Expert Income

Generate a long-term passive income revenue by being a content creator of the courses with 35% of the courses' revenue.

Expert Support

Personal Branding Program and provide a guideline and mentorship to support experts to create their content.
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Content Creation

Invea will take responsibility for creating audio and video content by providing our experts with a national communication agency. This way, we can ensure that our experts do not have to invest in video or audio equipment or to deal with the multimedia editing part.
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Overview of opportunities for experts

Becoming an expert on our platform offers a range of benefits. As an expert, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with a global community of learners, make a positive impact on their lives, and contribute to the advancement of education on a broader scale. Additionally, being an expert on our platform allows you to expand your reach, establish your credibility in your field, and open doors to new professional opportunities.

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Process of becoming an expert

To become an expert, simply fill out the form on our website, providing details about your qualifications, expertise, and teaching experience. Once submitted, our team will review your application and if approved, you will gain access to our platform, allowing you to share your knowledge and engage with learners from around the world.