Invea is an e-learning platform and marketplace with a focus on Africa. Our platform provides quality education materials, reliable access to educational resources, and a marketplace that connects international organizations and global consulting firms to qualified consultants and experts across the continent.

E-Learning Platform

Our e-learning platform offers courses in local African languages with 100% African experts and is tailored to meet the unique needs of the countries we serve. We offer three pricing tiers: Invea Student for $9/month, Invea Pro for $15/month, and Invea Business for $21/month. These tiers offer varying levels of access to courses and resources on the platform. Our courses are designed to promote local solutions for global challenges and provide learners with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the modern economy.

Marketplace for Experts and Consultants

Invea’s marketplace connects qualified consultants and experts across the African continent, promoting local solutions for global challenges. We work with local partners to tailor our platform to meet each market’s unique needs, ensuring that we provide relevant resources. Our commission-based model ensures that our experts, consultants, and freelancers are compensated fairly for the value they provide to our clients.

Invea is the solution

To unlock the potential of Africa

Invea offers a solution to both the issues of access to quality education and the high rate of youth unemployment in Africa. It provides an online learning platform 100% made in Africa and a marketplace to showcase African knowledge and expertise.


  • Limited Access to Expertise: A 2021 study by the World Economic Forum found that 60% of African businesses report a shortage of skilled workers.
  • Economic Inequality: The top 10% of earners in Africa capture 43% of the continent’s income, while the bottom 50% receive just 13%.
  • Lack of Trust: A 2022 survey by PwC found that only 42% of African consumers trust online shopping.
  • Payment Barriers: According to the World Bank, 57% of adults in sub-Saharan Africa do not have a formal bank account.
  • Local Talent Underutilization: A 2020 study by the African Union found that only 20% of African organizations recruit their top management talent from within the continent.

E-Learning Platform

  • Educational Inequality: The net enrollment rate for secondary education in Africa is just 58%, compared to 84% globally.
  • Outdated Curricula: A 2021 report by the World Bank found that only 15% of African countries have curricula that are aligned with the needs of the 21st century workforce.
  • Lack of Practical Skills: A 2022 study by the African Development Bank found that only 30% of African graduates have the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.
  • Limited Career Guidance: A 2020 survey by the International Labour Organization found that only 15% of African youth have access to career counseling services.
  • Digital Divide: Only 46% of Africans have access to the internet, compared to 64% globally.

Mission & Vision

Through Invea, we will offer educational content and services tailored to the realities of African countries, and provide a platform for African experts to share their knowledge, skills, and experience. To become the 1st go-to platform for individuals and organizations across Africa to access industry- specific knowledge, skills training and consulting opportunities by 2030.

Our Services

Invea is a dual-function e-learning and training platform, as well as an expert and consultant marketplace in Africa.

Our Leadership

Omar Ibn Abdillah has been involved in many African programs of entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, and capacity building; Invea is the result of ten years of engagement and experience to build a sustainable Africa.

The Overall Industries

The eLearning Platform Market in Africa is estimated to reach an estimated value of USD 3.3 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 14.2% during the forecast period of 2020-2025.

The Competitors

The major players in the African eLearning Platforms Market are Coursera, Pluralsight, Udacity, Udemy, Khan Academy, edX, LinkedIn Learning, FutureLearn, Unacademy, and JoomlaLMS.

The Financial Status

Invea is looking to raise $540K to start operations. 40% of this amount has already been achieved. These funds will be used for the platform creation, operation and marketing.

Future Plans

By 2030, Invea is determined to expand exponentially, with the goal of having at least 5 million users and 100,000 experts leveraging both their eLearning Platform and Expert Marketplace.


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Expert Tutors


Ceritified Courses


Online Students

From OIA Group to Invea

OIA Group is a leader in capacity-building in the Comoros, with activities taking place across numerous countries in Africa. Established in 2016, the center is dedicated to providing top-tier training, research, and consultancy services for both the public and private sectors in order to encourage human development and create a safe and sustainable future. With a large client base including major companies (e.g. Societe Generale, Rio Tinto, CMA CGM), international organizations, and governments.

We have facilitated over 5,240 training hours, trained 17,400 people, and worked with over 365 experts and consultants since 2019.

Continuing to provide in-person training:

  • The restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend and social distancing guidelines significantly reduced the number of people who could attend training sessions.
  • The costs of providing safe and reliable in-person training services had an impact on our budget, causing us to raise our prices.
    The use of PPE added additional costs.

Organizing international missions:

  • Travel restrictions imposed by governments severely limited the ability of consultants and experts to travel.
  • Additional health and safety protocols had to be implemented due to the threat of COVID-19. Visa requirements and processing times were affected, making international missions more difficult and longer in duration.
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Users-love-us Don’t take it from us.

OIA Group has supported us in training our bank managers since 2017 on professional and organizational effectiveness, an intense program, full of methods, tips and sharing. The sessions were very well structured, the trainer very pedagogical and the explanations very clear. I was particularly interested in the practical work using concrete examples tailored to the needs of each participant. Unforgettable!

Societe Generale Group

Back-Office Manager CSM PM (Electronic Banking) Africa

I feel privileged to have OIA Group facilitating a team building session. I am delighted with they capacity to create a safe environment to talk, help the team to have honest conversation, understand that feedback is impactful...have fun.The instructor was very knowledgeable and charismatic...he makes a difference. Thanks OIA Group

RIO Tinto

HR Manager

We had the opportunity to attend a training program with OIA recently. I had the feeling those days were beneficial for both our staff and our management team. We had fun while improving our understanding of the way we work together. I would have been glad to spend one more day of training with OIA Group experts, as they intervention has improved our cohesion and team spirit. Really Thanks to OIA Group!


Country Sales Manage

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